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Best Buy Cancels My Black Tie Plan, Forgets To Tell Me

June, 2011 – Purchased a Panasonic 65VT30 with the 4 year protection plan.

June 17th, 2013 – Went to my local best buy to make a claim, my TV had a 3 inch thick black bar from top to bottom on the right side. They attempt to make a claim, but appears that Best Buy Corporate cancelled my black tie protection on November, 2011. No notice as to why, no letters sent, no refunds, the protection plan is just cancelled. They are able to work it out with corporate to get the black tie protection active again, but is this normal? to randomly cancel protection plans?

June 24th, 2013 – I get a call, asking me again what the issue is to see if they can order the part. If it’s repairable, they will order the part, if not, they will replace the tv. They tell me they will contact me back in 2-3 days.

July 1st, 2013 – I call them to see what the status is, as I have never heard back from anyone. They tell me the part was ordered, and it will arrive in about a week from this day (so july 8th)

July 5th, 2013 – I get a call telling me the part is actually back ordered by 2 weeks, and so including shipping time, it would take 3 weeks to get the part in. They tell me that I can go to my local best buy to process the replacement of my TV due to the length of time it would take for a repair. I go into the store, and the store cant find any information regarding the swap. I get a hold of the corporate office on the line, and they tell me it hasnt processed yet and I will receive a call or an email within 2-3 business days with a confirmation number.

July 9th, 2013 – I call them again, to check on status, as I have not heard anything yet regarding my TV replacement. They say they need to look further into it, and will have an answer for me in 2-3 days.

July 12th, 2013 – I call them again, to check on status, still havent heard anything. This time they tell me that it was rejected, they don’t know why it was rejected, and will have their supervisor review it to get me a confirmation number, and to check back in 2-3 business days.

July 16th, 2013 – I get a call from a third party company to schedule repairs for my TV. I tell them I wasn’t told about a repair, I need to confirm. I call corporate and they tell me “well the part arrived, so now you have to repair it, they rejected the tv replacement request”. I ask them how it is that they can just give me the run around for a month to give time for the part to arrive, just so they don’t have to have the tv replaced. They tell me “well the part happened to arrive, so now you have to get the tv repaired. It’s only your first repair request anyway we would never replace it”

I call the third party repair company back to schedule my only open day I could get time off work for the repairs, as they needed a 4 hour window. They are scheduled for repairs the following monday, July 22nd.

Follow the link  HERE to finish readig this article.

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Best Buy Has Had My Returned Order For 11 Weeks But I’m Still Waiting On My Refund
By Chris Morran July 25, 2013

Back in early May, Consumerist reader JR decided to buy a microwave off, which should have been a simple process. Little did she expect that she’d end up paying for two microwaves and waiting nearly three months to get a refund.

Here’s how it happened.

JR placed her order on and waited for the confirmation e-mail. When that confirmation didn’t show up in her inbox in a reasonable amount of time, she assumed that she must have made a mistake and tried again. Shortly after placing that second order, she got simultaneously received two e-mails confirming both purchases.

So she immediately called Best Buy customer service, where a rep canceled one of the two orders. Or so JR thought.

Two days later she gets e-mail notifications from to let her know that her two microwaves were shipping. There was a note in the e-mail for one item that read, “We received your request to cancel the items below. Unfortunately, your order has already shipped.”

“I called customer service again,” writes JR, “explained the situation, and asked what I should do next. She provided conflicting information, and when pressed for clarification, she did not offer a concrete solution… She first recommended that I refuse delivery. Then when I said I wouldn’t be home during delivery, she said that ‘we would pick it up and give you a return label.’

“I was confused by this and asked her if she meant she would give me a return label and UPS would come pick it up,” she continues. “This seemed to confuse her further. She then said, ‘I’ll just cancel your order.’… I then asked how that would make any difference considering that the order had already been shipped. She couldn’t answer. Then she told me to just take it up to a store and they would refund it. Since she just sounded confused and was throwing out conflicting answers, I didn’t feel I could trust her.”

And so JR e-mailed Best Buy customer service, hoping that maybe the written word would be easier to understand.

And the e-mail she received in reply, while written in fractured English, did provide some hope. This time, the rep said that she would initiate a shipper intercept with UPS and have the canceled order returned to the warehouse.

“Once it will be returned back to our warehouse, automatically the refund will be processed,” reads the e-mail, apparently written by a relative of Yoda. “It will take 1-3 business days that Best Buy will going to process your refund the amount of $91.99. And its all up to your bank institution when they will going to reflect that amount back yo your credit card.”

JR tracked the package after that and found that it was indeed returned to the warehouse on May 9. But as for that automatic refund of her $91.99? That was nowhere to be found.

So after 11 weeks of trying to figure out when she would get her refund, JR contacted Consumerist.

We were able to put her in touch with someone at Best Buy who could actually help her, and within a matter of a few hours the refund was being processed, along with a $50 gift card for her troubles, though JR says she’ll only use the card in an actual Best Buy as her online ordering experience has turned her off for the foreseeable future.

Posted By bill
Ok, this story isn't really about my Best Buy in store experience, quite honestly I have always a decent enough experience with my local store, but I am DONE with their "Geek Squad Protection" service! I purchased a few phones from my local store and decided to get their protection plan since these were my 1st smart phones and they carry a hefty price tag if any of them break. It sounds all great when you sign up. 10 bucks a month, no deductible, no limits on replacements. So after I signed up I fell on some hard times, and decided that an extra $50 a month just wasn't in the cards(we got it on 5 phones). I was told all I needed to do was call 1-800-Geek-Squad and they will be cancelled no questions asked. So I called, and cancelled a few days before I was supposed to be charged again, the person on the line assured me I would not be charged anymore. All was well, then....
About 4 or 5 days later I was charged AGAIN! I called and complained, they apologized and said they are now cancelled and I should be getting that money refunded in 7-10 business days. 11 business days went by and I have yet to see my refund, so I called again, and again I was apologized to and said the refund would be coming in 3 business days. The next day....I WAS CHARGED AGAIN!!!! So of course I called again and got the same run around story about 3-7 business days. We are 2 months deep in this and guess WAS CHARGED AGAIN!!!!!  So now I am in the hole over $150 that should have never been take out! So of course I am on hold with them for the last 15 mins waiting for someone to help me, and I am sure I will get the same 3-7 business days story, but now I am going to have to go to my bank, dispute the charges, get a new bank card, and never...NEVER...NEVER get a protection plan from Best Buy again!!!!
Posted By bill

Best Buy Learns The Downside To Locking Out E-mail Changes


A Best Buy (NYSE:BBY) online anti-fraud mechanism has unintentionally created a security hole. I was placing an order with a local Best Buy physical store, using the web site’s pickup-in-store option. Because the store only had one of the item left, the associate suggested that I give her all of the account information on the phone and she would enter the order right there.

Everything went fine except that she apparently did a one-character typo in the e-mail address. I didn’t discover this until a half-hour later when no confirmation note ever arrived. Using the order confirmation that she gave me, Customer Service was able to identify the order and spot the e-mail typo. Great! Except that Best Buy’s fraud procedure locks them out from changing the e-mail address. Wait a second. Best Buy now knows that the address is wrong and further knows that my sensitive order information is going out to someone else (assuming that typo-ed address belongs to a real person). Not only can’t they fix it, but they tell me that additional mails will go out to that incorrect e-mail address no matter what. Oops!

If the rule is so strict that an e-mail address can’t be changed—which seems odd—wouldn’t good policy require that a test message be sent and received before the address is permanently locked? Also, instead of preventing the e-mail from being changed, why not instead require a lot of authentication data from the shopper? Perhaps they have to answer the phone when the phone-number-on-file is called? Also, in terms of likely fraud, would a one-character change (of a letter that sounds very much like the more logical letter) be the typical fraud attempt, as opposed to offering an entirely new e-mail address with a different domain? Shouldn’t a supervisor (or a supervisor’s supervisor) have the authority to change the e-mail field if she/he feels it’s warranted?

By the way, this is not merely a risk if an associate makes a typo. What if the shopper makes a one-character typo? That’s not such a far-fetched scenario. (The “type your e-mail address” twice is a good way to avoid typos, unless it’s being done by an associate who thinks what was mis-heard is the correct address.)

It’s easy to guess the legitimate anti-fraud intent of the lock-out, to prevent anyone who learns of an order from changing the notification e-mail address. Then again, if the shopper needs a driver’s license or other identification plus the payment card used to tender the purchase to pick up the merchandise, is a falsified confirmation address going to help a thief that much?

I have always been nervous about anything that can’t be changed, even by a supervisor. It’s being far too trusting that everything will always work as planned. In retail, that generally doesn’t happen.

Posted By bill

I purchased the Samsung Galaxy Discover a few weeks ago from (you guessed it) Best Buy. I returned it immediately, noticing the battery was terrible. I received another model without too much hassle. I begin using this second model of the phone and realize the battery life is even worse than on the first one (99% - 45% in about 2 hrs of just standing by). The phone also looked like it had been a return.. I'm pretty sure they recycle returns instead of disposing them like they should be doing. I also got sold on a warranty (STUPID ME!). Anyway, I'm now stuck with a SECOND defective phone and I need to go back there for the THIRD time to get it replaced / exchanged (whatever they're willing to do). 

Also, the employees know absolutely nothing about phones.